Saddle Rooflights sit as name suggests over the ridge of the roof , saddle Rooflights deliver the WOW factor with shafts of light coming from the apex of the room inside . Again frameless design with a minimum intrusion from the centre support bar .
We have 2 options the Cubo 150 frame which fits onto a weathered upstand , or the Cubo 130 frame which fits directly onto the rafters , and comes complete with all flashings required .
Pyramids by Cubo are a great option for the customers looking to increase the volume of a roof , lifting the glazing up out of the roof gives the feeling of space while retaining the frameless appeal , we offer 5 off the shelf options , and make bespoke sizes to order .
Circular Rooflights are always a great addition to any home , we offer 2 off the shelf sizes available , and bespoke to order , frameless interior , Cubo insulated upstand also available for this product .