All Flat / Flush type Rooflights fitted onto a flat roof will require an upstand . Your contractor can construct this upstand to your architects detail , or if you are ordering one of our stock Rooflights we can supply you with a Cubo insulated upstand that your contractor can fit .
Important details when making upstand .

Structural opening …. This is the opening formed in the roof for the rooflight , the upstand fits outside the perimeter of the structural opening .

Slope … All Rooflights require a minimum slope of 3 degrees this reduces the chance of water sitting or pooling on the glass . 3 degrees is = to a fall of 60 mm per linear meter .
The fall / slope is normally on the shortest sides of the upstand .

Weathering …. Rooflight are fitted only after the upstand has been fully weathered by the roofing contractor , the roof finishes should come up and over the top of the upstand as shown in photos .

Fitting Rooflight … When fitting rooflight to the upstand firstly a thick and Continous bead of bedding mastic is applied to the extreme perimeter of the weathered upstand , then a Continous line of expanding Foam is applied to the centre of the upstand as per photo , once this is done the rooflight can be lowered into position , cantered and secured .